December 09, 2020 6 min read

Decorating your home is like A work of art...

You envision how you want your home to look, then you combine the materials, colors, and textures to create your masterpiece. When it comes to your own home, everyone is an artist. With a little time and money, you can turn any space into an enjoyable and relaxing chamber. Your home is your sanctuary. It's where you go at the end of the day away from the hustle and bustle of life and hide from the crazy busy world. 

When you are ready to start decorating your home, create the perfect set up in your mind. You can get some great ideas from just about anywhere. Have you ever been to someone’s home and admired their décor? Maybe flipping through a magazine, a piece of furniture or some wall art jumped off the page at you? Take an afternoon out with friends to go shopping, you can pick up some inspiration from the stores themselves. The possibilities are endless. You can get incredible ideas from anywhere. 

One thing to remember when you begin choosing your items for each room is to make sure every item coordinates and the pieces complement one another. A great example of a decorating mistake we see all the time is color staining gone wrong. If you have a light brown stained coffee table in your living room, purchase a light brown end table and Television stand. Adding a cherry stained item will clash and the room will not look unified. Remember you can always put cherry colored wood into your bedroom.

Decorating With Color

Solid Color Sofa

Solid Color Sofa

When choosing the colors for the walls in your home many people will stick to the basics. White, off-white, or beige being the most common. These lighter colors will make your room appear larger than it really is and will allow your room to look bright. Others choose more of a standout color on their walls such as rose, peach, blue, or green. These colors can make creating a theme a little trickier. No matter what color you choose, try sticking to a light shade. Picking a color that is too dark will make your room look dark and that will not make for an inviting and Zen space. 

Choosing a more basic neutral color like white or beige will make decorating a lot easier. You will have a larger variety of colors to choose from when adding furniture, accessories and carpet or flooring. You have more leniency when adding some throw pillows or changing out rugs.  

If you chose a more bold or defined color such as rose or blue you will always need to make sure the items in the room go with that color scheme. This will make picking out décor a bit craftier. You want to think ahead when coloring your walls to the time and money you can spend on changing them up. If you enjoy bold defining colors that is great, but you will probably decide within a year or so if you want to go in another direction. 

These rules apply to your furniture as well. You want to make sure that everything in the room matches up.  Imagine walking into a room with red carpet and a green couch, you will be singing Christmas carol for days. However, if you choose a beige carpet or a beautiful wood floor a green couch would look great. With that flooring just about any color furniture would blend fine. 

In the end, always keep color coordination in mind. While shopping or browsing know your scheme and keep it unified throughout each item. Remember your room is there to show your sense of style. Let it be you.

UsING Mirrors To 

Decorate Your Home

Honey Bamboo Mirror

Honey Bamboo Mirror

Did you know that adding a mirror to your wall can make your space look bigger? Decorating with a mirror is a great way to fill up empty wall space and can be extremely attractive in your home. There is a wide variety of mirrors on the market from many shapes, sizes, and prices. You can purchase huge wall mirrors with different creative designs and colors to small tile mirrors that cover your whole wall to make your room look double in size.  

Try hanging a large mirror with gold trim on the wall behind your couch. This is a very classy touch; you could add some fake ivy around the frame to give it just a bit more pizazz if you wanted. You can also move the mirrors into other rooms in your house as well, to give any space an extra touch of class. 

Adding a mirror into the hallway can be an eye-catching decor. The size of the mirror will depend on the length of the hallway. It will also depend on how you want the hallway to look, one large mirror or multiple smaller mirrors can be some options.

Natural Wood Wall Mirror

Natural Wood Wall Mirror

What about your bathroom? I am sure you probably already have at least one mirror in your bathroom already. Most likely above the sink. But have you considered a decorative mirror on the walls for some extra flare or even a full-length mirror down the bathroom door? These options not only give your bathroom a whole new look but easier options and angles to view yourself. 

Most people probably already have a mirror in their bedroom that is attached to their dresser, but have you considered placing a designer mirror on a chest of drawers? What about adding a stand-up length mirror to your room, this can make for a very elegant look.  

There are designer tile mirrors that you can buy to mirror up a wall with that makes your room look doubled in size. A cute little designer mirror with ivy or ribbon and lace around it in the kitchen will add a little extra decoration for your kitchen. If you do not have a window over your sink, this would be a good place to put a decorated mirror. 

You also could place one by the door. It is a great place to check your hair and makeup when you are running out the door in a hurry.

Our homes reflect who we are. Furniture styles that we choose tell guests what we consider to be comfortable and welcoming. Our wall color shows how bold or unified we are. However, our wall art shows our personal side and style. It shows who we are. In our own unique way. 

Wall art is the first form of home decoration we have ever known. Remember back in the day as kids. We would have our own room, or at least our own space that we could make our own. Most of us could not just paint the walls, but we could decorate them. Most of us would choose pictures and posters of our favorite superheroes, actors, or bands and plaster them all over our space. Now we can create our whole home. 

What you choose is personal and there is no need to hold, however, there are a few simple home décor rules out how you display wall art. 

  1. Choose correct sizes: Don't use small pictures or plaques on large wall spaces — even when there are a lot of them, they will look ridiculously small and awkward. Try hanging large artwork or a wall mirror when you have a big wall space. Same goes for small décor on a smaller wall. 
  2. Be sure that your wall arrangements are balanced. If you are going to use a grouping of several pictures, plaques, and other pieces, make sure that the grouping is not heavy on one side. It will make the entire room look off.
  3.  Don't let the background overpower the wall art. Nice solid wall space makes the best background for almost all wall art. If you have a wall with an intricate design, try using a mirror or other neutral wall art pieces. To many designs will clash and make your wall look overwhelming. 

Overall decorating your home can be enjoyable. Just take it one room at a time and plan ahead once you find your design ideas.  

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