How to Decorate A Large Wall in Your Living Room

by Denika Laurie
How to Decorate A Large Wall in Your Living Room

How to Decorate A Large Living Room Wall

Having unadorned monotonous walls may reflect your impracticality with your home that may sum up your whole life worthless. So, don’t be rude to your home and bring some colorful vibrancy of the cultural heritage with wall decor.

These walls will not only reinvent your place but also make a bold statement with these models. If you are short in any wall décor idea or the masterpieces, we the ‘Contemporary accent furniture’ have a wonderland of wall art. We are there to help you by sorting contemporary masterpieces with outstanding wall decoration ideas. Let’s see what we have in our wall décor range and how you can embellish.  

Contemporary wall décor ideas

To transform your blank walls to tale-tellers, you have to be an avid observer. Your displayed patterns, photographs, hand-woven art, or anything you exhibit on the wall pursuit your slumbered wishes. So, be creative and make your walls stunning with these wall decorations.

Teal and Brown Wall Decor Plates
Black Wall Decor Plates

Adorn your wall with art plates

Wall plates are the most meaningful interior decoration that reflect your taste being a calm and cozy lover. If you have styled your room plain white with a big plant in the corner and there is no visual art, it may bore you in the morning. You can augment art plates on the wall that will bring walls to life.

You can easily find these printed or engraved plates that have much to say about culture and heritage. Blue white plates are much appreciated that we also have in our range for your wall art.  

Make a trio

Group artwork makes a big impact in a room. You can also make a trio of any wall décor plate or add three masterpiece photographs, either black and white, or of blunt colors to add a statement to your room.

This idea would also go perfect for lounge or on the wall behind your dining table as it serves a focal point of your home.   

African Wall Plate Decor
Metal Wall Decor

Kid’s room wall decoration

What could be more entertaining than designing and embellishing the kid’s room? It is a fun art that everybody loves to take part in. If your babies’ room is not well decorated and the walls are just a pile of bricks with no significant character, you missed being a creative parent. Patterned or charactered walls give a special attachment to the kids with their room that they adore the most.

You can get an idea of your child’s taste to decorate his/her room and make it youthful. Add some fun with their favorite cartoon characters or wall mounted animals. You can also gift a gallery wall to your kids with their life memories starting from their birth, their first step, and every bit of their life event. Maintaining and sustaining this gallery would bring discipline in their life, and they will appreciate your effort when old.

Add texture with rattan straw wall décor

If you are not a bold lover and want to be minimalist keeping the room’s integrity, straw wall decorations are for you. They are light and unique and power up the wall with uniqueness. If you have a wooden interior design, these white wooden rattan straw wall décors will go perfect and add value to your place.  

Rattan Straw Wall Plates
Metal Wall Decor - Leaves

Mesmerize empty walls with metal furnishing

If you are a bit lazy or want some solid attitude to your walls, no one can beat metal wall décor in this respect. Metallic wall décor articles don’t mean to be all-time gold. You may have in contrasting colors of black, too, that signifies your room layout.

If you don’t want to go beyond your black theme, we provide you black metallic wall décor plates that compliment your design. With these solid black metallic plates, we are up to give you multi-metal rattan wall décor articles. So, don’t be panic in ordering any random metallic wall art for a low price, spend a few minutes and have a quick overview of our metallic wall décor plates and other masterpiece articles.  

Master bedroom wall decoration

Your bedroom is the place where you spend your time after a hectic office day, and it must be designed, so, you feel cozy and relaxed. You have to be very precise and selective for your bedroom walls because they are the first you see when opening your eyes. You can go with peel and stick wallpapers to speak design or make a bold statement with colorful prints. 

Tree of Life Wall Decor

Bring walls to life with handmade wall art masterpieces

Hundreds of wall art specimens come and go, but no one can ever beat the classy looks of evergreen hand-woven masterpieces. If you did not add any hand-woven article at your place, you missed to elegantly decorate your home.

Different countries and cultures have distinct characters that are exhibited in their art and the plus point this art is you can have customized handcrafted objects to contrast or compliment your architecture. If don’t have an idea of what type of handmade wall art plates will suit your setting and color theme, we have a huge collection of wall art plates including burgundy plates. These are purely hand-woven, geometrically patterned, and unique to bring visual sense to the walls.

Wall Art Decor
Man in a house leaning on wall

Let the walls speak about you!

If you are a naturalist or an avid traveler, you must have a whole range of photographed when climbing or exploring things. This is pretty good to dedicate a wall of your very own room and start displaying the moments you lived. This gallery wall is the most budget-friendly wall décor idea that you can opt even if you have to do wall art in a tight budget. You can DIY with photographs by managing frames or buy valuable snaps of the places you visited, cousins inspired you the most, or a view that gave unbelievable sensation in your life.

You can also have this type of gallery wall in your kitchen and add your favorite dish picture. It is only about you and for you. Mold it the way you like the most make your life memorable.

Bring royalty with reclaimed wood

A royal wooden wall of your living expresses your gratitude to be so nice with you as these planks of wood make such a solid style statement that your friends and even guests cannot resist to praise. You can also hang a calendar or this rustic wall to make it comprehensive.

Hopefully, your walls will no longer be the same whiteboards to make you fed up, and you will end up their decoration wholeheartedly with our full support. If you feel any ambiguity in wall art, feel free to contact us and load your home with plenty of wall art décor.

Enjoy being bold and vibrant with your walls!

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